Emily J. started this as a simple Etsy shop after noticing she was getting so good at making friendship bracelets that more and more people were starting to ask her to make bracelets for them. Passionate about art in general, she soon expanded her craft to producing handcrafted fabric headbands. Most recently, her former college roommate and sorority sister decided to join forces when Adina M. realized the love of all things art and crafting was shared and that it would make more sense to become a part of Emily’s already established shop than to completely start hers from the ground up. Why not rebrand into something that could house all sorts of different handmade products… whatever the two could come up with, really? Thus what was once known as “Bracelets and Crafts” slowly started morphing into “301Creations” a more generic term devised to leave room for nearly anything the duo could think of–plus, of course, room for their old dorm number to be woven in there, as well. Products now include everything from threaded, carefully patterned friendship bracelets and headbands, to custom etched glassware and other types of jewelry (such as personalized engraved metalwork and beach-themed pieces).


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